• From Combat to Code: How Open Source Opens Doors

    Jerome Hardaway

    Fixing Financial Insecurity with Automation

    In this talk, Eric will explore the looming American financial crisis and our responsibility as engineers to use software and automation to help the financially challenged. We’ll cover potential solutions using Moonrise as a case study and envision a better American economy through efficiency optimizations.

    Eric Harrison

  • Trying Stuff and Seeing What Happens: Accessibility and Civic Hacking

    This talk will look at the themes of impact and accessibility by discussing three civic hacking projects involving Code for Atlanta. We will talk about one project related to paratransit service delivery that raised $40,000 for charity and helped influence MARTA's online paratransit experience. Then we'll discuss a project that uses a commercial game truck as a venue for coding classes for teenagers. Finally we'll take a look at work in-progress on a project related to realtime automated transcriptions and translations of live events. All three share the same goal: increased access to information, education, and services. And all three projects operate with an approach familiar to all kinds of developers: get out there and try stuff. Run pilots. Get feedback. See what happens.

    Mark Noonan


    for any product or service to be considered exceptional it has to deliver an exceptional user experience. His talk will explore the components of exceptional experiences across software solutions as diverse as plain old web sites (is that a thing any more) to the new frontiers of wearables, voice and beyond.

    Harsha Vemulapaulli

  • Nativescript - Mobile Dev for Web Devs

    I was asked by a colleague if I could update a mobile app that was developed by a previous employee. I reluctantly agreed to take a look at the code thinking “I don’t know Swift or Android Development” and I am not a Mobile Developer! To my surprise and delight, I found the app was written in a framework called Nativescript. This framework has great documentation, good support on StackOverflow and a very active Slack Channel. It has a host of plugins available, along with support for Angular and Vue. Also, the code is intuitive and well organized.

    Mark Locklear

    Updating a Classic: .NET to NodeJS

    The story of a development team updating a classic asp site to use node.js and C# without anyone knowing.

    Patrick Rodgers

  • Mentoring: Creating Masters

    All dev shops share a few common traits - there's never enough hours in the day, we always need more velocity, and creating or adding more talent is always at the top of the list. In this talk, Wes will guide us through his tried and true methods for raising the level of talent across the team, providing tips, tricks, and valuable insight on how to create masters by making room for mentoring in your team's day-to-day workflow.

    Wes Dollar

    CloudWatch-ing: Creating More Useful Logs & Alerts with AWS

    Logging is meaningless without alerts, and overzealous logging is inefficient. Learning to use Amazon CloudWatch for streamlined, meaningful, centralized logging and alerts can drastically reduce the time it takes to notice issues, find bugs, and fix them.

    Rhia Dixon

  • "Git hook[ed]" on images & up your documentation game

    Can you remember the difference between two hex color values? Me neither! Entering visual representations of recent-changes into version control makes review of past changes easier & speeds acclimation to a new web project. Join me for a review of current methods & how to choose the best for you!

    Veronica Hanus

  • Rethinking quality and the engineers who protect it

    Testing software is a critical responsibility, but testing is not a synonym for quality. Shifting your approach to software quality from black box testers, to quality coaching could lead to delivering higher quality products. In this talk, I share strategies for coaching quality, without testers!

    Andrew Smelser

    What Building Communities Taught Me About Building Inclusive Engineering Teams

    I was once that engineer that thought she would never move into management. I loved coding my days, and often nights away. Why would I ever want to stop? My ideas about management began to change once I started the Atlanta network of Women Who Code. I've learned so much about the people challenges we face in tech, while also learning how to empower the people around me to get big things done. What I didn't realize until years later was how these experiences were preparing me to build inclusive teams and lead and motivate engineers from various backgrounds to work collaboratively. This session will share some of my lessons learned as a community leader and how I've applied them in my role as an engineering manager. We'll also discuss ways building communities can help companies grow their team and their engineering brand.

    Erica Stanley

  • How to Deliver Quality Software

    How mature development teams deliver quality software. Teams who strive to deliver software in a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment must ensure that their quick deployments work as expected. Jeanne provide strategies and real world examples of successful software development projects. She'll cover agile development and testing techniques, automation guidance and specific steps teams can use to "bake in" quality during the design phase through delivery.

    Jeanne Schmidt

    Coding with Compassion

    Have you ever treated the word “User” like a 4-letter word?“ Has your software ever been described as “complicated”, “not user friendly”, or “confusing”? Have you ever had your software used incorrectly or not at all? At the end of this talk, you should come away with concrete ways you can flip those notions upside down and have your users truly believe you’re the best and always have their interests in mind.

    Jessica King